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Yana’s Story: With Her I’m Accepted

August 11, 2016

Many thanks to Yana for sharing her witty and honest story about a sisterhood that embodies all 5 tenets: joy, sharpening, suffering, keeping, and acceptance.

So,  what if you have been fortunate to have a friend that embodies all five of the tenets?

When I first met her, she instantly celebrated me and shared in my joy. I had never met anyone so generous.

“You’re gorgeous!” she said.

“I loved you’re seminar.” she said.

I was blown away. Like, “Harpo, who dis woman?”

Yana Conner imgLittle did I know that her generous spirit would soon sharpen my not so generous spirit, that wrestled to affirm and compliment those around me in fear that I would disappear.

I can’t tell them that I love their voice because I fear that mine will become unheard.

I can’t tell them that I love their style because I honestly believe that mine is subpar.

However, this generous women says,

“I love your style”


“My homie can sing?!”

And to sing with my generous friend and not against her is the sweetest thing. Because when I sing with her there is no fear that I will be unheard because I know that with her I am loved.

With her I am accepted.

And with her I am known.

For all three “withs” to be true is truly a gift because if you haven’t already noticed yo girl got some issues! And wouldn’t you know it, this generous woman has entered into my suffering to provide comfort, wisdom, truth and correction.

I couldn’t ask for a better friend…a better sister.

I think I’ll keep her.

I’ll definitely keep her knowing that she too has chosen to keep me.


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