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When a Friend Sharpens a Friend: Erica’s Story

August 4, 2016

Sisterhood of Sharpening: Presence of a woman who stood by and loved you up, correcting your messiness with grace, dealing with you in honesty, even when it required that she say the hard things, all toward your growth and well being. Today we share Erica Everett’s sisterhood story of sharpening. Enjoy!

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As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend. Proverbs 27:17

A dear friend of mine has sharpened me through the influence of her actions, relationships, and words from the heart.

Alexis has been a wonderful friend.

We met in our first year of college, when we were each seeking out new friends, so it worked. I quickly learned that she was a very hard working, intelligent and kind person. We were able to work together on a project that she started. I think that’s where the sharpening began. I saw her do work that was important, impactful and meaningful. It sharpened me to think about what kind of work could I do that would be meaningful, impactful and important? That’s what started me thinking about the pathway that I chose, which was to be an educator.

So, when our friendship started, I could quickly see that she was a positive force in my life. 

As we became closer friends while roommates, what I noticed about Alexis was that she took great care in her friendships. She was really intentional about the way she spoke to people, treated people, and supported people. She was really intentional about showing people she loved them, and giving her love away. She was very free in that, and it allowed me, as well, to be free in reciprocating in our friendship. I think because we had trust in our friendship, I was able to value her opinion and accept it, and know that her feedback was always coming from a good place. When it came time to think about other relationships in my life that weren’t going as well, and she gave me some honest feedback, I took to heart what she said.

I thought about the advice she gave me, to be myself around the people who loved me, no matter what.

I realized I needed to be who I was with the people that loved me all the time. I think her words influenced my thoughts while I was in a challenging relationship; gave me the courage to freely exit that relationship, and helped me to realize what to do when I got into my next relationship. Her advice to me has been valuable and has sharpened me over the years.

When we allow people to impact our lives, and speak into our lives, we give them a tremendous amount of power.

Alexis is a true friend who has had such an impact on helping me to become the person who I am today. Alexis was the friend I needed at the moment I met her.  She set the tone for the kind of friend I would want in the future. I wanted someone who was chasing after their dreams and goals, was supportive, and fun.

I’m thankful for our friendship because she helped to sharpen me in a time when I appeared to have everything together on the outside, but I needed a friend to help sharpen me and to actually become the person I needed to be.

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