What Is Your Testimony?

August 19, 2020

When we as Black women tell our stories, the power is tangible. So over the past several weeks, The Beautiful Project have been documenting and sharing these stories in our current campaign Her Testimony: Black Women’s Experiences of COVID-19 in North Carolina. Our goal is to share the stories of Black women, but also engage meaningful dialogue around what Black women need during this time.

What has been your experience during the COVID-19 Pandemic?

We launched a survey to document how this pandemic specifically affects Black women so that Black women’s experiences and insights can be best positioned to serve the community, loved ones, and families. For the community to get the support needed, Black voices must be heard.

For the best insights, we need to ensure that all voices of self-identifying Black women are represented – across identity, belief systems, background, and experiences. The only way our stories are told truthfully is if we tell them. 

To ensure the diversity of Black women’s voices are represented, our ask to you is two-fold.

Would you share some of your story? If you are over the age of 18, identify as a Black woman, and live in North Carolina, please take our survey. You can be as brief or detailed in your responses as you desire. The survey is anonymous, and can be completed by a proxy if needed. We are collecting responses until the end of August. To complete it, visit the link here.

If you’ve already completed the survey, thank you!

Would you share this survey with North Carolinian Black women in your life? Please take a few moments to send the survey to three Black women.

A couple of  ways we’d love to support you:

Her Testimony has been a meaningful experience for us, as we have spoken to women about their experiences during COVID-19, and also read their stories. We created a guide to help Black women everywhere also facilitate conversations and create space to lift up the voices of Black women during this time. For suggestions on how to bring this project to your community, check out our 2-page guide. Lastly, we have a gift of affirmations that were inspired by the testimonies that have been collected. These affirmations are available to download as digital wallpaper for phones and tablets. A quick look: 


We will continue this work through the lens of Black girls via our virtual youth apprenticeship. Applications are currently open for girls, ages 14-18, who live in the Triangle area of NC. Applications are due Friday, August 28th. Thank you for reading, sharing, and lifting up your voices with other Black women and girls during this time!

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