Black Bean Burgers

Looking for a healthy alternative to the traditional summer grilled burger? Some of you are thinking, heck nah! Well, just try this black bean burger recipe and it might change your life! Wendy and Jess of Food Heaven Show (YouTube) are fun, gorgeous, colorful and most of all, they know their ish. Their site and YouTube channel offer recipes that are mostly simple, and always healthy and flavorful. Wait, did I mention that the recipes are affordable?! They also give information on nutrition for life with informational vids and articles such as how to cure PMS with food, and healthy foods that help to prevent cancer. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching their videos and every recipe that I have tried has come out tasting so wonderful. This black bean burger recipe is one of them.

Hey now, we’ve got to adopt some healthier lifestyle choices. Black women have some of the leading numbers for high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol. A little butter, sugar and salt is good some of the time but we have to fill up our fridges and bellies with foods that will improve and sustain optimal health for life. Our food should support our goals, not slow us down and cause us to take a time out to get right. And remember, beauty is an inner work. Take care to feed your body good things as well as your mind, spirit and soul. Trust, you consistently take in beauty and it’ll radiate forth from you organically. We just have to make a start. Take a look at their site and try something out!


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Always, a leading brand of feminine products, has an amazing new campaign out designed to support girls as they go through the tumult that often occurs in many different forms during puberty. In this campaign they ask, “What do YOU do #LikeAGirl?” Tweet us using #LikeAGirl @thebeautifulprj.








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Found this very charming article and video on Thought we’d share! Enjoy and click over to Vogue for the full article about Lupita’s braiding party!








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This woman. What can I say? She is a history lesson, a storyteller, an image-maker. She is culture, love, beauty, goodness and so many other things. I cannot get enough of her. Her album, Sing to the Moon, has been on repeat in my ears and in my head for quite some time now and I know that it will only continue to be and increasingly so because the work is timeless. It’s just that wonderful. She woos and thrills with her vocals. She evokes and enthralls with her lyrics. This woman is everything. If you haven’t already, take some time to get to know her and her work.

This video made me smile.



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See what difference a little, hurt, Black girl can make. Thank you, Ms. Morrison, for shining the light on us. Thank you, Ms. Morrison, for seeing us.






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Check it:









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StyleBlazer has a video series on YouTube called How I Made It. It features women of color who are making things happen in the fashion and beauty industry around the world. The series has been out for some time now, so it’s likely that many of you have probably already checked it out. Still, the content and excellence of the film series as well as the invaluable advice shared in the stories of the women before the camera, is timeless. This is how I met Felita Harris, the Senior Vice President of Global Sales at Donna Karan. Yep. If you don’t already, get to know her. And pop over to Style Blazer later for all that’s hot and happening in fashion and beauty!




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Hopefully you’ve spent enough time with us to know that we care, very much, about our health.  We try, from time to time, to offer healthy recipes and other advice to help us maintain a healthy weight and body.  Of course having a healthy body can have certain aesthetic benefits but, more than that, a healthy body means a longer, better quality of life.  Let your beauty radiate from the inside out by taking care of your beautiful body.  This video by My Natural Sistas offers great tips on how to maintain a healthy body.  Which tool do you think you’ll use?

“Don’t work out because you hate your body.  Work out because you love your body and want to take care of it.”

Love this!  Check it out!


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We believe that Black women are an exhibit.  We do.  But mostly the fine-art-lean-in-close-but-don’t-touch-learn-here-walk-away-different-because-of-your-experience-here kind of exhibit.  And may I re-emphasize the “don’t touch” part?  But there are some women who invite the hands-on approach.  They find it makes for a richer experience; quells curiosity, answers questions long left mysterious.  Un’ has posted a very interesting short film negotiating this very idea.  Check out this YouTube video, part one of two, where Black women make their hair an exhibit in a very personal way.  While you’re at it, please take a moment to click the pages of their very interesting, very striking website.  Tell us what you think.  Can people lay hands to learn more about you?  Tweet it @thebeautifulprj, leave a comment or head over to FaceBook  and share what you think!




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Check out this real, honest, intellectual conversation between two brilliant minds of our time.







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