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Tracy’s Story: Sisterhood of Acceptance

September 1, 2016

We are very grateful for all of the stories we’ve received about sisterhood. Thank you to everyone who submitted to our Sisterhood Storytelling Series. Today, we share a great story from Tracy Howell. Enjoy!

It was 2005 went I met Amada. A friend of mine whom I worked with referred me to her as a great hairstylist.

My first time meeting her was very routine; getting to know her name and how I would like for her to do my hair. I started going to her about once a month, and gradually as the years went by it increased to weekly appointments. Over the course of the years I really learned her personality and what makes her tick, what she liked and didn’t like. I also went on some lunch outings to get to know her better including attending her wedding, where my daughter served as a hostesses. Tracy Howell imgThe one thing I’ve noticed over developing my relationship with her is the one thing we have in common with each other, and that is the desire to want more and the inability to stand BS.

We both can talk to each other about crazy stuff.

I can even say to her things I wouldn’t DARE tell another and she would never judge me. Instead,  she might even beat my story out by telling me something even crazier.

We’ve cried many times just talking and frustrated about our personal lives, being a mother, the struggle to get ahead, and the struggle of not having to struggle. But every single time we have a conversation and we are at the end of that conversation,

I feel like the battle may have not have been won,

but I am ready to take it on.

We energize each other often, but opposite of that we sometimes are just as tired with each other struggles, but never will we say anything about it. We just end the conversation by saying, “Holla at you later girl.” You know when we call each other we can detect what kind of mood we are in because we start our phone conversation off with,

“Girlll, Whatcha ya doing?”

Then we both burst into laughter.

Or she will call and say,

“Let me borrow $500,000 and I will pay you back 10 years from now.”

Again, we burst out laughing, knowing neither one of us has that kind of money.

Some days we can burst into song in the salon, dancing, and smiling all day while both of us are waiting for one another to say “I’m hungry. What we eating today?”

She knows what I’m thinking and I know what she’s thinking.

I never have to be professional.

I never have to be mommy.

I never have to be anything but myself with her.

No multiple hats to wear.

Sometimes we can go days or weeks without talking, but can pick back up just like it was yesterday.

She’s my sister at heart and together we stand!

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