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Through Her Lens: Reflections on #TBPSelfCare

July 23, 2015

You’ve seen the beautiful women featured in the Self Care exhibit. We would also like for you to get to know the women behind the cameras. We asked our contributing photographers to reflect on their experiences with the women they interviewed and photographed. If you are a Black woman that would like to contribute to our exhibit, check out our guidelines here.                                                                                                                                                                                               Khayla shares her reflection photographing her mother Kitty.

What was your favorite moment about the photo shoot?
My favorite part about participating in this exhibit was having the opportunity to take photographs of Kitty, my mom in an intentional way. My mother loves taking pictures. In all actuality, she is the true photographer of the family. She loves capturing beautiful moments on camera, whether it is a sunset or memories with family. I wanted to turn the camera on her and have the opportunity to capture her beauty as I see it every day.

Do you have a favorite quote from one of your interviews?
“Self-care is trying to look inward and trying to maintain my connection and relationship with God. I think that’s a big part of self-care.” I admire my mom’s relationship with God and her unwavering faith. When life gets hectic, she knows how to quiet the noise and chatter around her, just spend time with herself and God.

What did you learn during this experience?
I learned that it is so necessary to take some time to be self-indulgent and just enjoy your self. We are often taught to be selfless and serve others always. Yes, it is important to serve and I try to practice it daily. However, to serve others, it is necessary to take a break, relax, and release.

How do you practice self-care?
Self-care for me is a lot of different things. I’m a natural talker and love to have interesting & meaningful conversations with my friends.  Other times, I prefer the quiet and to reflect to myself in my journal. I write daily and it is a great space for me to release tension, capture happy days, or pray to God. I also enjoy jamming to good music and curating playlists for different moods and occasions.


Khayla Deans graduated from the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill in 2013 with a degree in Public Policy and African American Studies. She is passionate about amplifying positive media and images of communities of color, especially in the Black community. She currently works for Frontline Solutions, a social change consulting firm. Follow her on twitter @khayla_d.

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