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Through Her Lens: Reflections on #TBPSelfCare

August 4, 2015

Get to know some of the women behind the cameras at The Beautiful Project! We asked our contributing photographers for the Self Care exhibit to reflect on their experiences with the women they interviewed and photographed. Today’s reflection is from Precious Graham.

Also, today is the final deadline to submit to our exhibit. If you are a Black woman that would like to contribute, check out our guidelines here. Submissions are due by 11:59 pm EST.

LaShon and I met at my former place of employment and it was my first experience forging a friendship with a Black woman outside of my age range, outside of my social circle, and in an environment that isn’t typically conducive to friendship. LaShon is professionalism personified and is skilled at keeping her personal life out of the office. That said, her welcoming me into her home was very special to me. My favorite part of the photo shoot was learning that we had many self-care practices in common, namely writing. Seeing her beautifully written book of affirmations was beyond inspiring. After learning about how she cares for herself, I have a better understanding of how she has been able to successfully juggle so many endeavors.

17 Lashon_photo by Precious Graham

The experience has taught me that self-care is a habit to be cultivated and maintained throughout the course of one’s life, not only at a certain age or during difficult times. I had never given much thought to it before, but now I’m completely committed to doing so and encourage all of the women in my life to do the same. In hindsight, I can easily pick out the moments when I was consistently practicing self-care, or neglecting to do so, as it was usually evident in some or all other areas of my life. In this moment, I practice self-care by taking time for myself, penning my thoughts, feelings, and opinions regularly, seeking knowledge and spaces that encourage critical thinking, and nurturing loving and healthy relationships in my life.

Precious Graham graduated from Duke University in 2012. She is pursuing an interdisciplinary career in Demography and Social Policy. Her research interests include family demography, race and gender politics, and stratification. She currently lives in the Washington DC Metro Area. Follow her on twitter @precgraham.

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