The Women Artists of The Pen, Lens & Soul Exhibit

February 20, 2020

During this wonderful journey of having our images and words on display in the Pen, Lens & Soul exhibit at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, we must lift up and celebrate the women artists in the show and in our community who have sojourned alongside us over the years. 

A few of the women artists shared reflections about the experience seeing their work in Pen, Lens & Soul. 

How did you feel about seeing your face/words/photographs in this exhibit?

I felt valued, celebrated, and deserving to see my work, my image, and the work and images of girls and women I know at The Met. For one, the exhibit marked a moment of personal and professional growth in my existence as a Black woman and in my artistry as a writer and image maker. Seeing my words from 2016 marked how influential TBP has been in my development as a writer and scholar, and for my own individual growth. Additionally, it marks the revolutionary unity that is Black woman- and girlhood. It transcends time, age, and even location as a number of us have moved to different parts of the world. The exhibit reminds me that when we are together, we are unstoppable, and the exhibit is proof of our already innate love, respect, and care for one another.  ~Alexandria Miller 

What is special about having a whole exhibit like this dedicated to showing the perspective of Black girls and women?

“What’s most special about this whole exhibit is that we get to tell our stories our way. With how quickly the media shifts, the world only gets the highlight reels which, unfortunately, don’t show us in our light. What this exhibit offers is an intimate look into what our worlds look and feel like, how dynamic and nuanced we are and how we hold space for each other.” ~Winnie Okwakol 

What is special/important about having your work at The Met for you as an individual? 

I remember moving to NYC years ago to pursue my dream I’m currently living. To come back years later and to have my work in the most prestigious museum is, I honestly don’t have the words. Our/ my work is in the same museum as ancient artifacts! This is big! I’m still processing it. I’m thankful and honored to be a part of this collective. ~Pasha Gray

We are grateful for all of the beautiful women who have opened their hearts and minds to our purpose at The Beautiful Project and who have gifted us their love, time, words, and trust over the years. 

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