For the Girls

Thank-You For Your Voice!

October 8, 2015

We are overjoyed by the outpour of your hearts on the page. Overcome by how so many of you rose to the occasion and spread the word. Know that we see you and we are grateful.

#DearBlackGirl letters will debut on our blog, The Lens beginning Wednesday, October 14.  Stay tuned good people, this is just the first phase of an inter-generational space where Black girls’ and women’s voices will rise, challenge, and heal.

To subscribe to The Lens just go to our menu bar and click “subscribe to our blog”.

With respect and gratitude,

The Beautiful Project

One thought on “Thank-You For Your Voice!

  1. As the mother of an 8 year old beautiful brown girl, I’m sad I didn’t learn of this until after the submission deadline. I’ll be writing a letter for my daughter anyway, though. And I’m excited to follow the blog and read the submissions!

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