Khayla Deans

Khayla Deans is a storyteller and image activist who cares deeply about amplifying the voices and images of people who are often unheard or unseen. She believes that media, art, and culture can be used as powerful tools for empowerment when used in the right hands. Khayla is currently the Creative Director of The Beautiful Project where she leads the vision and strategy for TBP’s storytelling and brand. 

As a graduate of The University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill with joint degrees in Public Policy and African American Studies, Khayla seeks work that is heavily rooted in the movement of social change for Black communities. Before she joined The Beautiful Project, Khayla implemented new ways to bridge community needs and action through her work as a Consultant at Frontline Solutions, a national Black owned consulting firm that strategically bridges philanthropy and grassroots organizations through the lens of race, gender, and place. She also served as a community outreach consultant for Doc Society’s Good Pitch Local where she helped catalyze powerful local coalitions between media-makers and social justice organizations in the state of North Carolina. In her free time, she is an arts writer and creator of, which features published articles and personal essays about music, art and life.