Jamaica Gilmer

Jamaica Gilmer is a strategist, storyteller, photographer, and curator who has a fifteen-year background in creating and implementing curricula. She is the founder and director of The Beautiful Project (TBP), an arts collective that centers Black women and girls as the authority over their own narratives. Her work as a storyteller and photographer allows her to capture realities that are often overlooked and misunderstood.

Jamaica helms TBP’s’ curating and organizing efforts in partnership with families, organizations, and institutions. A graduate of Howard University’s John H. Johnson School of Communications, she is a highly influential speaker sharing insight across the nation as a guest lecturer, keynote, and panelist. She is the lead curator of TBP’s most recent exhibition at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Pens, Lens, and Soul: The Story of The Beautiful Project.  The range of her visual storytelling can be found at www.jamaicagilmer.com. Jamaica is a passionate, bold, thought leader and one to watch as a champion for Black girls everywhere.