Midday Munchies

Sometimes after lunch but before dinner, our tummies may start to do an award winning version of the rumba, leaving us wondering what happened to our lunch and when in the $%*@  is dinner!  Yea. It bes like that sometimes.  Instead of reaching for that honeybun, grande latte, or some other delicious form of empty calories, how about preparing a healthy snack to take along with you?  Black women are dealing with a myriad of health issues such as high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and kidney disease, to name a few.  Our lifestyle directly impacts some of these illnesses, most of which can be prevented.  The more decisions we make for our health, the better we’ll feel, the healthier we’ll be.

Comment below or tweet @thebeautifulprj some delicious snack ideas that you enjoy!


Photo Credit:  pamela t. for The Beautiful Project