White Chicken Chili

It is burrrrr cold here in North Carolina! The snow has fallen and, in some places, so has the ice. It’s the perfect weather for staying in, watching a good movie or reading a good book and cuddling up with a blanket and this delicious chili recipe. Click the link above for the full recipe and give it try this week or this weekend and tell us what you think!


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Looking for a healthy alternative to the traditional summer grilled burger? Some of you are thinking, heck nah! Well, just try this black bean burger recipe and it might change your life! Wendy and Jess of Food Heaven Show (YouTube) are fun, gorgeous, colorful and most of all, they know their ish. Their site and YouTube channel offer recipes that are mostly simple, and always healthy and flavorful. Wait, did I mention that the recipes are affordable?! They also give information on nutrition for life with informational vids and articles such as how to cure PMS with food, and healthy foods that help to prevent cancer. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching their videos and every recipe that I have tried has come out tasting so wonderful. This black bean burger recipe is one of them.

Hey now, we’ve got to adopt some healthier lifestyle choices. Black women have some of the leading numbers for high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol. A little butter, sugar and salt is good some of the time but we have to fill up our fridges and bellies with foods that will improve and sustain optimal health for life. Our food should support our goals, not slow us down and cause us to take a time out to get right. And remember, beauty is an inner work. Take care to feed your body good things as well as your mind, spirit and soul. Trust, you consistently take in beauty and it’ll radiate forth from you organically. We just have to make a start. Take a look at their site and try something out!


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When I was a teacher, I had a parent pull me aside to talk to me about a concern she had for her child. Her child was a sweet girl, quiet, yet spunky and fun. She was very cooperative and helpful and she was kind to her classmates. I couldn’t imagine what her mom wanted to discuss with me, so, I quickly stopped what I was doing and leaned in, giving her my full attention as now my concern for her child was now rising in the moments it took for her to bottom line the issue. The mom, standing before me layered in tennis gear, dried sweat and faded perfume, laid out a short, short story that described how her daughter was eating less and inquiring more about her mother’s workout regimen and weight, saying things like, “I want a body like yours.” or “I want to be skinny like you.” Of course, the mother was worried and inquired about her daughter’s habits at school, was she eating all of her lunch, did I notice any changes in her attitude or behavior. . . Of course as children reach puberty their mental and emotional capacities change as their bodies change but this student of mine was in third grade. She was cute and she was appropriately baby fat. She had the sweetest little round face that boasted peach plump cheeks when she smiled, which she did most of her days at school. She was really an adorable little girl.

I understood the mother’s concern then but I understand it even more now as I watch my little girls watch me and listen to their questions about what I am doing and why. It’s a paradox; we work so hard to show and prove that we are “grown” however we are yet the taller, fuller, wiser version of these little girls. Our journey started the same way theirs did, we are but on the other side of the continuum. We have to live conscious of their ever watching eyes. We must take care of ourselves while we emphasize the real places that beauty comes from.

I’m sure that my student saw her mom’s habit of eating certain things (and not eating certain things), keeping active, the comments she made about herself/her body and wondered about her own simple habits in a very innocent way. I’m also sure that as she took her mom in everyday, admired all that she is and wanted to emulate that, she may have thought that she fell short because of the limitations presented to her by her age. Somehow we must figure out how to really see our girls and connect with the spirit in them that is still inside of us. We still have a sense of wonder, a great admiration for the woman we’d like to someday become, and a great deal of questions for how in the world we are going to get there. As we figure out how to embrace our journey, we have to grab their little hands and show them to how to do the same. Living beautifully is embracing our journey as fully as we can as we determine to live with intention, awareness and joy to aid in the journey of another. Oh yes, we are our sister’s keeper, and our daughter’s, our nieces . . . and our students’ too.

Happy Father’s Day to all of the Beautiful Father’s out there. There are some featured in #theblackgirltriptych. If you haven’t already, check it out on our Exhibits page, in the gallery here on the site.

Meanwhile, choose some of your favorite summer veggies and try this summer salad straight from my dad’s recipe stash!


2 Yellow Squash

2 Zuchinni Squash

2 Cucumbers

1/2 Red Onion

Dash of salt and pepper

1 tbsp of sugar

2 cups of your favorite Italian Dressing


Slice all of the veggies, please them in a bowl, then sprinkle on the salt, pepper, and sugar. Pour on the dressing, cover and shake it up, shake it up, to mix around all of the ingredients. Allow the salad to chill in fridge over night. This salad tastes best when it has had some time to sit so that the veggies can marinate and soak up all of the flavorful goodness! The next day, take the salad out of the fridge, dish it up, eat it up, and repeat!

Hope you enjoy this. I sure did. The garden fresh veggies were so crisp and very well seasoned. It’s so filling and great eaten alone or with a nice sandwich. If you try this, let us know in the comment section here on the blog. If you have a recipe from your dad’s stash that’s not top secret ;0), share it with us! Thanks, Daddy! Happy Father’s day!


Photo Credit: Pamela Thompson for The Beautiful Project


The new year is here!  Many are on the look out for different recipes to enhance and support new diets.  Try out this Boca Pizza.  Boca is a brand of meatless products, made mostly from soy, ranging from veggie burgers to chicken patties and including some breakfast options as well.  Boca was used in this recipe to give the pizza a meaty flavor and texture and it worked out very well.  Of course this pizza could be made using only veggies or with any meat instead of a meat substitute.  However be careful about the amount meat substitutes you consume.  The body functions best and works optimally when given appropriate servings of fresh food and natural ingredients that can be easily digested.



2 pieces of Multi-grain Flatbread

2 Boca Burger Patties (All American Flame Grilled  flavor was used for this recipe)

1/4 cup Bell Pepper

1/4 cup Green Onion

1/2 cup Italian Cheese

3 tbsp Marinara Sauce for each flatbread piece



Preheat oven to 400.

Prepare Boca burger according to package instructions.

Once the burger is cooked, chop burger into bite sized pieces.

Cover each flatbread piece with about 3 tbsp of marinara sauce.

Next, sprinkle on the bell pepper, onion, burger pieces and cheese.

Bake pizzas for about 8-10 minutes or until cheese is beautifully melted.

Remove from oven and let cool.

Bite, chew, repeat!



Photo Credit:  pamela t. for The Beautiful Project