Honoring Allison Brown, Our Champion and Friend

Those of us who knew her know, there aren’t enough words to say, exactly, how well she loved us. And how fiercely, clearly, she fought for us.

One of our beloved has found her resting place.

We join the many who are grieving the loss of the beloved Allison R. Brown. For us, she was a friend, mentor, advocate, confidante, leader and Board member. She was a giant and her wide impact has left a significant mark on education justice and the philanthropy world. For The Beautiful Project specifically, her impact, love, support, and unconditional belief in us will forever be woven into the fabric of our story.

Allison believed in us wholeheartedly, individually and collectively. Even before she gracefully joined our Board, she chose to stand alongside us and fight on our behalf in philanthropic spaces. Years ago, we received our first significant grant that gave the women of The Beautiful Project jobs. It was Allison Brown who advocated for us to receive the funding we needed to build an institution and dream house for Black girls and women. Over the years, Allison had become a dear mentor, friend, fundraiser, and strategic thought partner. And she continued to fight for us in so many ways, even as she was fighting the final battles of her life. She was a quiet and powerful force–full of sage advice, wisdom and clarity.

There are people that are called to you for a reason, and when they are, it is best for you to trust and accept the gift of their presence. We are so grateful for her presence in our lives, professionally and personally in the times that we shared with her. We are so grateful for her choosing us, The Beautiful Project. We are so grateful for her commitment, love, and fight for her people. Her presence, leadership, and the work of her hands and mind have touched so many lives.

We’re sending love, light and peace to her children, her husband, loved ones, colleagues and team at Communities for Just Schools during this time.

Allison Brown, you remain our champion. We are honored to be among your legacy. Your legacy will continue. Rest In Peace and Power.

With love and love and love and love—truly and forever yours,

The Beautiful Project