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Sovereignty to be Me: SpiritHouse, Inc

November 22, 2016

Black August in the Park provides spaces where people of all different corners of the diaspora and Black experience can connect with local and regional justice movements while unapologetically celebrating their blackness. Grateful the Black August in the Park team asked us to create mini photo docs of three social justice organizations who support and uplift the beauty and power of Black people: Village of Wisdom (VOW), SpiritHouse, Inc and Black Youth Project 100-Durham (BYP 100). 

This week learn more about, SpiritHouse!


SpiritHouse, Inc is a multigenerational, black-women-led organization that uses culture, art and media to support the empowerment of communities impacted by racism and poverty. SpiritHouse’s strategies include cultural organizing and coalition building and are based in community customs, culture and practices.



How do you define power?

“Sovereignty to be me.”

Tia Hall/Cultural Alchemist & Program Developer



When do you feel the most powerful?

“When I am am able to learn from my mistakes, when I am able to bring my gifts online to help myself, my family and my community, when I am able to regenerate and reanimate myself after a particularly hard period, when I cease to judge myself and other people for being human, when I find joy in simply breathing.”

Omisade Burney-Scott/SpiritHouse Board Member


“Imagine a world where everybody is safe and no one is thrown away…”

The Harm Free Zone is a series of popular education sessions designed to help people uncover and discover strategies for creating Harm Free communities. The project provides tools and trainings to both strengthen and develop our capacity to confront and transform harm.



How do you define beauty?

“When what radiates inside shines outside.”

Tia Hall/Cultural Alchemist & Program Developer


SpiritHouse is committed to using community driven strategies to uncover and uproot the systemic barriers that prevent families from gaining the resources, leverage and capacity for long-term self-sufficiency.



Visit SpiritHouse, Inc to learn more about The Harm Free Zone – Transformative Justice Training!



Brought to you by the Black August in the Park Team, the Black Market is an annual marketplace for local, regional and national Black-owned businesses to gain exposure to new clientele and network with one another. The Black Market also provides educational opportunities to prospective business owners during the annual event. Join us at the Black Market Friday, November 25 2016 11-6pm.


PHOTOGRAPHY by Meron Habtemariam,Kaci Kennedy,Madylin Vernise Nixon-Taplet and Jamaica Gilmer for The Beautiful Project


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