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Sisterhood of Joy: Ronda’s Story

July 28, 2016

Our goal with The Sisterhood Storytelling Series is to shed light on how Black women engage with each other, lift each other up, and care for each other. This is sisterhood as activism. Be sure to check out yesterday’s post on how sisterhood can be a tool of activism. Today, we are excited to share Ronda Bullock’s story about sisterhood of joy. If you have a story to share, feel free to submit to our series by August 1st. Guidelines are here. Enjoy!

Sisterhood of Joy: Presence of a woman who stood (or stands) beside you during your most joyful moments in life and cheered for you, congratulated you without jealousy, comparison or any sense of personal loss or longing.


Ronda Bullock is a 34 years old doctoral student at UNC-Chapel Hill and university supervisor at Duke University MAT Program.

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