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Show Love! It’s the Beautiful Way!

September 9, 2014

No, it’s not “Woman Crush Wednesday” (wherever that came from) but it’s Tuesday, as good a day as any, to show love to a sister, mother, grandmother, auntie, cousin, or friend who you value. Think about it: what woman or women in your life need to know or would just be glad to know that they are appreciated, loved and well thought of? Once you know who it is, send her a little love note. You can do it privately or post it up on social media for the world to see and celebrate with you!

Too often we bash, size up, and challenge one another. We criticize, tear down with our words, and compare ourselves to one another. Left just to what is seen on the television, we are a batch of broken people who have too few genuine relationships and more enemies than we care to acknowledge. We aren’t really that defensive, are we? Not that insecure, surely? Let the remnant rise up; those of us who are working through our brokenness and striving to be better. Those of us who know that there are women who have stood alongside us, watched us grow, dealt with our growing pains and stayed around to see the beauty birthed from the process. Shout her out today! Gratitude evokes joy. Showing love to your sister not only gives her joy, you get a little taste of it too.

Once you post or send your message, please tag us  @thebeautifulprj on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Let’s light up the world today with love for the beautiful women in our lives!

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