Self Care in Quarantine: A Portrait Series

April 29, 2020

Recently we asked women in our Beautiful Community for care practices that they have been using to bring peace and wellness into their homes while navigating demands and stressors brought on by the pandemic.  First up, we are highlighting a photo series by Pasha Gray entitled Self-Care. “For me, self care is taking care of yourself, drinking some wine, doing a little bit with your makeup, dressing up. Have some fun,” says Pasha. 

Her personal interpretation of self-care comes to life through her photographs of Winnie Okwakol drinking wine and looking chic. The aesthetic of the photoshoot embodies Pasha’s personal style — a fashionable laid back 90s vibe with a pop of color and glam — showcasing that self-care can also consist of getting dressed up to look cute, even when there is nowhere to go. Pasha styles Winnie with simple items that she recreates for new and stylish looks. “A lot of it is pulled from my closet. The black top and the jeans are minimal. I was going for a cute and relaxed look in the house.” While quarantining at home, Pasha recognizes the significance of getting dressed and how it affects her mood. “I know a lot of us aren’t probably dressing up or doing the little things that make us feel like us. For me, it was getting a little too much with wearing sweat pants all of the time. I needed to do something different, even when it was not much.”  

After a couple of weeks into the stay-at-home orders, Pasha noticed online conversations among creatives and entrepreneurs about how to productively use this time to create, to work, and to produce. The question of productivity came to mind for Pasha. What does it mean for her to be productive and creative in this time? Her answer is to release the pressure to produce and to focus this time on herself.

She is passing the time by cooking, reading new books, digital coloring, and staying fit with online workouts. She stretches every morning to help prepare her day and calls family and friends via Facetime to maintain connection with loved ones. “Self-care can be defined in various ways depending on who you ask,” Pasha states. “Most importantly, during this time, take a moment for yourself. Right now the world is at a standstill and the future seems unclear but try to take this time to relax and refocus your energy on the possibilities.” 

Pasha gifted us with a playlist of cool self-care vibes. Take a listen and use as a soundtrack for your self-care activities. 

Pasha Gray is a filmmaker, video editor, and photographer. She loves telling a story which leaves the viewer feeling a wide range of emotions. She’s inspired by 90’s era films that embody strong story with moving soundtracks that not only reinforce the film’s story line, but help to move the story along and make you feel for the characters. You can check out her her work via instagram.

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  1. Awesome work! So proud of you. Your gift and talent are taking you far and Beyond. God is with you. Peace and love god daddy

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