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January 7, 2016

Happy New Year! With a new year comes the excitement of fresh beginnings and new opportunities. So many of us create new year’s resolutions while others of us choose to take a more general route, opting for overall self improvement and still others of us forgo the whole deal altogether. Whatever your choice and whatever your reason, we at The Beautiful Project think that it would serve each of you well to be reminded that

you are enough.

Complacency is not the goal in giving this encouragement. On the contrary, we hope that if you start from a place of self love and self acceptance, you will go confidently toward every ambition you dare dream of. And besides, this affirmation is something that we just don’t hear as much as we need to.

It is a big, bad, bold, brave thing you do each day when you wake up and face the world, fully yourself, despite its efforts to conform you into something it can contain and control.

Even if you have chosen not to set goals for this new year, you, no doubt, are hoping that this will be a good year, right? Resolve now to accept the good in you, celebrate the influences you leave on the world around you and dare to live the one life you’ve been given with all the magic and wonder inside of you.

Happy new year, ladies.

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