For the Girls

Our Little Girls

March 20, 2014

I wonder what would happen if our little girls were told from the very beginning just how beautiful they are and how much they mean to us. I wonder what they’d think about the musings of our mind when we think our deepest, sweetest, most ambitious thoughts about what they can do and who they can become. I wonder how it would make them to feel to walk into a classroom to a soundtrack blazing something that affirmed them just as they are. I wonder how they’d change if they saw more reflections of themselves all around and in unexpected places–on cereal boxes, notebooks, book covers, cartoons, posters . . . I wonder what our world would look like if it were full of confident, self aware, self assured Black girls clear about their gifts and ready to use them.

I wonder if the world could stand it.  .  .




Photo Credit: Jamaica Gilmer for The Beautiful Project

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