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Meet Our Black Girl Image Maker Coaches

April 25, 2018

This Saturday and Sunday we will be launching our first Black Girl Image Maker Workshop so it’s a very exciting time for The Beautiful Project this week! We selected our group of girls and together they will learn how to take up their cameras in support of themselves and each other. To assist with this journey, we enlisted six amazing Black women photographers who will coach the girls in photography. Get to know our amazing coaches below.


Kennedi Carter is nineteen years old and is originally from Durham, NC. She loves photography because it gives her the ability to capture the beauty in people. Kennedi specializes in portrait and fashion editorial photography. View Kennedi’s work via Instagram (@internetbby) and


Morgan Crutchfield is twenty-eight years old and is a Durham native. For her, photography has brought many people into her life. In her own words, “People let me into the most intimate moments in their lives and trust me to capture keepsakes that friends and family years from now will be able to relive; through a photo.”  Morgan specializes in portrait photography. View Morgan’s work via Instagram (@daffodyl) or


Dawn Michelle Downey is a thirty-eight years old Brooklyn, NY native and is now based in Raleigh NC. She is drawn to photography because it allows her to capture the essence of the subject, person or still, that will remain long after that subject is gone. Dawn specializes in wedding photography. View her work via Instagram (@chroniclesphoto) and


Cathy Foreman is from Tillery, NC, currently based in Raleigh, and is forty-five years old. She loves photography because it provides a physical and tangible means to a time that a memory alone simply can’t reach. Cathy specializes in concert and portrait photography. View her work via Instagram (@reflectionsxcf)  and


Jacqueline Perry is forty-one years old and is originally from Salisbury, NC. She is currently based in Raleigh, NC.  Her favorite thing about photography is that it gives her the opportunity to capture a moment in time for someone. Jacqueline specializes in photography and graphic design. View her work on


Amber Carroll Santibanez is a thirty years old Durham, NC native. Amber fell in love with photography in the ninth grade when she was introduced to the book Reflections in Black by Deborah Willis. In her words, “I fell in love with my skin and my hair after seeing the work of Lorna Simpson and Chester Higgins.” Amber is an Arts Educator at the Durham School of the Arts.

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