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Love and Valor Personified

February 18, 2019

Allison Brown has this way of making the room go still, locking eyes with you so that you can hear your way to freedom in her next words. When we falter and are afraid, she intensely mobilizes support so that we can keep moving. Our lives are better because of her sisterhood, and we are humbled to have her on our board. Allison is love and valor personified. As she reflects on facing life and cancer, we hope her words propel you as they have us.

“I am re-making myself, I hope, in the image of the divine, of Love. Love has kept me, comforted me, grounded me. Love is re-orienting me. It is my bread crumbs when I am lost. It is the impossibly heavy-duty crane that lifts me from my bed when all that is on repeat in my mind is ‘I cannot’. It is the tidal wave that somehow miraculously compels my feet, one in front of the other when I am otherwise paralyzed by pain, malaise, fear.”

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