For the Girls

Inside The BGT

May 13, 2014
We thought that it would be cool to give some insight into just how amazing it is to actually be the one behind the camera, capturing the girls you see featured in #theblackgirltriptych. As Black women, empowering Black girls and other Black women to unapologetically splay and celebrate their brand of beauty, being behind the camera is a very privileged position, and one that we do not take lightly. Our photographers learn so much from their time with the girls and are offering us a sneak peak into what that experience meant for them. This week, enjoy their reflections.
First up, Arielle on her experience with Arielle and Anjhanae:
I really enjoyed photographing Arielle and her best friend Ashanti. Honestly, conducting the shoot was a bit challenging, as they had secluded themselves in their own world of knowing glances and affectionate horseplay. Watching them was such a gift, though; in witnessing them I realized true love isn’t limited to a romantic form. I remembered I couldn’t help but smile despite their distraction.
Nae Nae had a quiet confidence that was evident in every photo I took of her. I loved seeing her certainty of self so matured despite her young age. She was also pretty reserved during the shoot, but she released her joy freely, as is captured in her cheering shot.

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