Her Testimony: The Guide

The Beautiful Project created #HerTestimony to raise the voice of Black women in the coronavirus pandemic. The three components of this campaign include an online survey giving North Carolinian Black women an opportunity to share their stories anonymously, a narrative (storytelling) project, and this guide to help Black women engage storytelling in their own spaces.

Storytelling is deeply embedded into the beautiful fabric of Black culture, especially among Black women. When we share our stories, we find a place to release. A place to laugh. We ask questions and, where we can, share answers. We deepen our relationships through storytelling, because it affirms us, inspires us to love, and cements our sense of community. When we tell our stories and testify, we fuel the power of our community. Throughout history we have seen examples of the orchestra of Black voices rising up together serve as an incredible tool for change.

This guide gives you a way to extend this project to your own community, be it in North Carolina or beyond. Below, we list the interview questions we asked women for the #HerTestimony campaign. We also share a few ideas on how to engage people in conversations about how their lives have been impacted during this pandemic.