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We Are Beautiful.

January 23, 2014

The Beautiful Project is an organization that uses photography and reflective workshops to give Black girls an opportunity to confront positive and negative portrayals of Black girls and Black women in the media and in their communities. Our three departments–Photography, Saturday Studios and Health & Wellness– partner with families and organizations to boldly and unapologetically create images of Black girls just as they are, daring girls and the world that engages them to see the many, varied ways every black girl is indeed, beautiful.  We have been engaged in this work for nearly ten years and are excited about this

phase as we extend our reach to impact more minds and lives.  Please click the tabs to the left to learn more about our organization.

For the first time ever our website most fully expresses who we are, what we do and allows us to engage our community as we invite y

ou to gather here with us and each other.  So, this is our place, our blog, The Lens:  our safe space nestled right here on our website.  It is our hope that our posts give voice to who we are and that our readers and subscribers are able to see themselves on our pages.  Our goal: to create a safe space where we can thoughtfully engage and enjoy each other, unabashedly rep each other and offer to the world an opportunity to see us as we see ourselves.  The Lens.   Hope you love it as much as we do!

Meet the directors, Jamaica Gilmer (Founder and Co-Director) and Pamela Thompson (Co-Director).  The pics above are from the director’s retreat, our way of gathering, re-energizing, galvanizing, and dreaming together around the work of the Beautiful Project.



Photo Credit: Jamaica Gilmer and pamela t. for The Beautiful Project




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