For the Girls

Have You Seen Them?

April 22, 2014

Have you seen our girls? We’ve proudly plastered them all over our site and our social media outlets. The Black Girl Triptych is here!! We are so proud of them. They are brightening up every space where their beautiful faces are displayed. It’s amazing. It’s wonderful to see because, unfortunately, it’s not commonplace that we get to see whole exhibits of Black girls and women being beautiful just as they are. No big productions, no elaborate backdrops and sets, no extraordinary hair and make up, no hidden agendas or schemes; just the girls, exhibited as their extraordinarily phenomenal selves, accompanied by their support system clamoring about how special they are. If you haven’t seen them, click the exhibit to the left (listed under “Gallery”) and see what we can’t stop talking about. If you’ve seen them, then you know . . . now go and tell someone else. #theblackgirltriptych

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