For the Girls

Dr. Tami Navarro Shines the Light

February 27, 2014

As the world defines us, Black girls and women are always too much:

Too loud, too curvaceous, too loose, too broke.

Put another way, and equally sadly, we’re seen as not enough:
Not smart enough,
not driven enough,
not beautiful enough.


For those of us fortunate enough to have hand-carved

a vital community of fellow Black women,

we know the injustice of those untruths.

We also, however, know their power in society—and sometimes, in the dark of night, their power in our own hearts and minds.

The power of this space

is its mission to shine a light on those lies,

and with that light to overpower their darkness.

It’s not Black women that are too much

or not enough,

it’s this world—

for we are,

and always have been,

absolutely beautiful.

Written by Dr. Tami Navarro for The Beautiful Project

Photo Credit:  Amey Victoria Adams for The Beautiful Project