January 8, 2020
a strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen.


Here’s a reminder:


As you step into the new year and the new decade, may you learn to embrace the desires of your heart with wonder and have the audacity to bring them to life.

Allow the beautiful words of Alice Walker inspire you. Happy New Year!


My desire
is always the same; wherever Life
deposits me:
I want to stick my toe
& soon my whole body
into the water.
I want to shake out a fat broom
& sweep dried leaves
bruised blossoms
dead insects
& dust.
I want to grow
It seems impossible that desire
can sometimes transform into devotion;
but this has happened.
And that is how I’ve survived:
how the hole
I carefully tended
in the garden of my heart
grew a heart
to fill it.

~Alice Walker

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