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#dearblackgirl: You are worthy of being loved, appreciated and seen as precious.

February 9, 2016

It is the start of a new week, which means we have another #dearblackgirl letter for you. Today’s letter was penned by Hazel Cherry. Enjoy!

Dear Black Girl,

Revel in your magic. What’s the magic? It is YOU. So, take pride in the things that make you different and unique. Why? Because, “you are you and that is your power.” All of you, is beautiful. All of you, is worthy. You are worthy of being loved, appreciated and seen as precious. Hold this information close to heart. And no matter who tries to tell you different (family and friends included) you matter. Because you matter, I want to share with you some things that are important as you grow and blossom.

1.     Honor your inner voice. By that I mean, trust your gut (it’s sometimes referred to as intuition). When making decisions, big or small, ask yourself, will this make me happy? Will I feel good about myself after I make this decision? If you follow this you can look back and say no one chose this life for me, I wanted to live it.

2.     You can do anything, REALLY you can. Don’t let anyone box you in and tell you what girls can’t do. In case you haven’t heard, “girls run the world.” Don’t let words like bossy, tough, or strong make you intimidated embrace them. Because you can be whatever you want to be, without apology.

3.     Take your education seriously. I know with boys (or girls), life activities and social media it can be tempting to forgo homework or academic responsibilities. But do your best in school. I promise the pay off is so worth it. I encourage going to college, but if you decide it’s not for you that’s totally okay to. Just make sure you read as much as you can and stay in the know on the field you go into.

4.     Remember you are not alone. All the issues and questions you have and are dealing with, remember you aren’t the only one. Someone else is struggling with self-esteem or second-guessing their abilities. Someone else may be struggling with depression, heartbreak, or feeling they don’t fit in. Remember that you do not have to tackle these things alone.

5.     Your body is sacred. And let me clarify. By sacred I mean, special and beautiful. Make informed choices about what you do with it- from to engaging in sexual activity to what you eat. Our society places assumptions about the body that are really negative. But our bodies are a gift so celebrate your body. Cherish your body from your hair type to your toenails.

6.     Embrace sisterhood. Women and girls are so much more effective when we stick together.  Celebrate, compliment and love other girls. Don’t be a mean girl. Our sisters (friends, loved ones, mentors) are necessary for our survival. Remember the energy and vibe you give off will be what you receive so put out good vibes!

I leave you with this–don’t beat yourself up for mistakes. We all make them and they help us grow. Trust that the Divine has given you everything in you to have a successful life. Life can be hard and cold. You can and will make it, if you put your best foot forward and believe you can.


Hazel Cherry

Post #17-Hazel CherryHazel Cherry is a 28 years old community organizer for The Expectations Project. She currently resides in Washington, DC and calls Oakland, CA home. 


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