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#dearblackgirl: You are enough.

March 29, 2016

Many thanks to all of the lovely people that came out and celebrated the opening of our Self-Care exhibit at the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University! If you are in the Durham area and want to check out the exhibit, it will be on display until May 15th! In the spirit of practicing self care, today we have a wonderful letter written by Leslie Mac who remind us all that we are enough. Thank you Leslie for taking up your pen!


Dear Black Girl,

You are coming of age in such an amazing time. An era in our people’s history where our demand for equality is reaching for new heights with new goals for inclusivity & intersectionality.. A time where Black Girls & Black Women are once again leading the fight for freedom.

I want you to know you have Black Women pulling for you. That you have Black Women in your corner. I want you to know we see you and we understand your struggle. We understand the difficulty of succeeding in the center of the vortex that is the white gaze and male insecurity.

But most importantly I want you to know that there is a secret you possess.

Come closer. Lean in. It’s a secret you were born with. A secret so powerful that the world works to hide it from you. I bet you have felt it in your heart. You have probably caught it in the corner of your smile. Or had it surprise you in the twinkle of your eye in the mirror.

What is this secret? Here it is: YOU ARE ENOUGH.

Say this to yourself everyday.

Out loud.

In fact, say it right now as you read it – YOU ARE ENOUGH.

On those days when the mechanizations of the world configure themselves in such a way that it seems nothing is in your favor.

You are enough.

On the mornings when you open your eyes to the feeling that something is missing in your life. You are ENOUGH.

One those nights when falling asleep is near impossible as the pain of your world weighs on you.


It is a simple but revolutionary concept. Hold on to this secret. Keep it close & nurture it until the day that you see it shining out of every smile, bursting from every pore and you find yourself inspired to sit down & write a letter that begins with 3 little words… Dear Black Girl.

Post #24-LeslieMac_BioPicLeslie Mac is the Founder of Ferguson Response Network. She’s 39 years old and is from Brooklyn, NY.

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