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#dearblackgirl: The world is your oyster.

April 26, 2016

Last week, we had the great pleasure of speaking about Black women and self care on the She+Her radio show. Feel free to take a listen. This week, we are glad to bring you another #dearblackgirl letter. Thank you Karima Grady, for taking up your pen!

Dear Black Girl,

The world is your oyster! There are places to be and people to see and there’s no time to waste. That magic that you have? It translates culture, country and even continent and it’s time for you to take that show on the road.

Americans can be ethnocentric. Black Americans even more so. We stay with what is familiar and comfortable and we abide by the social standards set for us by our families, our religions, our peers, etc. You’ll never see yourself any other way unless you look at ourselves through the eyes that are truly different.

I first learned to escape through books. I read espionage books because they took me all over the world and offered adventure. Later, I escaped through foreign films. Finally, when living vicariously through the characters left me unfulfilled, I made my own escape!

My first time abroad was as a university student, when I traveled abroad to Europe. I lived in Spain and travelled to France, Monaco, Ibiza and Greece. After that, nothing was ever the same. I came back and I was the same but I was different. Suddenly the world was my playground and I set about getting to those places I had to be and seeing those people I had to see.

After I graduated, I moved to Japan for over a year. I travelled throughout the country and region. I made friends. I made memories. I lived life.

The next stop was South Korea and there was more of the same.

By the time I made it back stateside more than 3 years later, I had more than 25 stamps on my passport and no idea how I would assimilate back home.

But I did. Because we do.
Black Girl. Magical girl. Get out there and stake your claim in the world – oh the places you’ll go!
Why wouldn’t you?
It’s your oyster.

Karima (your sister)

Post #29 -Karima Fire PicKarima Grady is a 35 years old attorney from Philadelphia.

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