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#dearblackgirl: the one thing I want you to know

September 22, 2015

Grateful to share another #dearblackgirl letter with you from this first wave of women who offered to share their hearts and stories with us. We can’t wait to receive your #dearblackgirl letter on Tuesday, September 29!

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Dear Black Girl,

When I pondered what to speak into your life; prayed and mulled over the words that would be best to sow into your spirit, so much came to mind.  I have to tell her “this”, and she needs to hear “that” – much too much for one exchange.

Then it occurred to me that my message is really quite simple.  The one thing I want you to know and believe, deep in your spirit, is that “you are more”.

You are more than your skin.  You are more than your hair. You are more than the stereotypes and preconceived notions that have been created to keep you bound and boxed in.  You are more than all of the misconceptions of all of the people who base their thoughts on what a misguided society has taught them about you.

Black Girl you are a Beautiful expression of God – a manifestation of the Creator’s thoughts and His very image in the Earth.  You are a daughter of the sovereign King, loved by the controller of the universe. He willed you to life and filled you with great purpose.  What could be “more” than that?!

Every day I want you to live knowing that your value in God is so great that it cannot be quantified, and that “being you” is the most powerful existence you can live.  If you walk in this knowledge, you will conquer – root out, pull down, throw down – any thought, word or deed that would seek to deem you “less than”.  Carry the truth within and you will triumph over every lie!

With all my love,

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