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#dearblackgirl: Quiet the mean girl that might reside inside your body…She is scared and hurt and needs love…

December 15, 2015

Dear Black Girl,

It is a biological fact that women are born with their full compliment of eggs that might one day become their sons or daughters. That means that when you were inside your mother’s womb, she was inside her mother’s womb and same is true back to the ancient ones and the beginning of time. It also means that we are a continuation of amazing Divine feminine energy. We have never not existed so I want to remind you that Black Girls are full of magic. It is your birthright.

There will be those folks who will try their best to flood your Divine light with darkness, meanness, doubt, confusion and fear. Some of those people will even look like you and claim to love you themselves. Don’t let them! You hold so much power. You have the blood memory of your ancestors running through your veins. I want to offer some suggestions of what has helped me as Black Girl who is still on her journey—curious about life, believing in love, awed by God, and humbled by her family and friends.

1. Laugh—alot! Life gets mad serious and hectic. Find ways to belly laugh as much as you can
2. Rest, sweat, eat well, drink water, repeat…
3. Find a meditative or spiritual practice that works for you. It may be the practice of your family or it may not, but find something that grounds you, open you up to possibilities, soothes and give you voice and hope.
4. Be a good friend, even when it is not convenient
6. Quiet the mean girl that might reside inside your body who whispers your fears of not being enough or being too much. She is scared and hurt and needs love. Forgive her for her sting and let her know it’s ok.
7. Love other Black Girls…show them love in your words and deeds. Don’t be petty or selfish with your admiration and love of Black Girls…it’s not a good look.
8. Spend time with elders. Have coffee, eat dinner, take walks, sit, fuse energy, listen and capture memories. They are precious
9. Be gentle with yourself when you fall and GET BACK UP! Life is amazing, complex, clunky, magical, mundane, divine and real. Meet each day with the knowledge that you are loved for all of who you are.

You are perfectly melaninated, Divinely made and I love you


Post #10- OmiOmisade is 48 years old, from Durham, NC and is a Mother, Sister, Healer, Activist, Artist and Priestess.

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