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#dearblackgirl: Inside of you lies potential to become so many wonderful things.

February 23, 2016

We are grateful for another #dearblackgirl letter! Many thanks to Trina Benson for sharing her positive words!


Dear Black Girl

Dear Smart Girl

Dear Kind Girl

Dear Creative Girl

Dear Beautiful Girl


Please read this letter out loud to yourself. It is important that you vocalize

and understand that the adjective “black” can co-exist along side other

positive adjectives. It is important that you understand that inside of you

lies the potential to become so many wonderful and amazing things.

It is important because , unfortunately, you live in a world that will not

alway seek to build and uplift your self-esteem and confidence.

There are those that will desire to have you believe that your blackness is at

worst a curse and at best a handicap and a limitation.

Know that they are wrong. Know that you are deserving and worthy of every

dream and every goal that you could ever image.

Dream Big. Then Dream BIGGER. Challenge Yourself. Celebrate Yourself.  Remove

all and any fear, negativity and insecurity from your mind and your vocabulary.

As you reach your goals, remember to also reach back and uplift other black

girls. And if you ever need reassurance or a reminder that you worthy, please pull out

this letter and know that you are being rooted for and prayed for by another Black Girl.

Post #19-TrinaBensonDBGTrina Benson is a Learning Center Manager at the Boys & Girls Club of Youngstown. She resides in Mineral Ridge, OH and is 38 years old. 

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