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#dearblackgirl: Here are all of the reasons why you rock.

January 26, 2016

We all know that Black girls rock. In case that you need a reminder, read Shante Jackson’s #dearblackgirl letter where she lists all of the different ways Black women and girls are amazing. Thank you Shante for the encouraging words!

Dear Black Girl,

I want to tell you how much you ROCK! Why do you rock you might ask? You rock because you come from a STRONG lineage of DETERMINED, FEARLESS Black females who faced any obstacle that may have come their way with RESILIENCE and BRAVERY. You rock because of the UNDENIABLE fortitude and UNWAVERING faith you have deep within that REMINDS you to NEVER give up! You rock because of your UNIQUE personality, BRILLIANCE, BEAUTY, WISDOM, TALENT, and so much more. Never let anyone whether they are male or female emotionally, verbally, and or physically abuse you. You have the RIGHT to say NO! Don’t let anything or anybody DETER you from being ALL that you can BE. You are NOT a b*tch or a hoe (Thank you Queen Latifah), but a BEAUTIFUL QUEEN who should ALWAYS recognize this title in yourself and other Black females. Lastly, one more vital reason as to why you rock, according to the Bible, you are FEARFULLY and WONDERFULLY made.  And, finally to conclude in the words of Lady of Rage, “ROCK ON WIT’CHA BAD SELF!”

Peace, Love, and Soul

Your Big Sis,


Post #14- ShanteJacksonShante’ Jackson is a 29 years old preschool teacher from the DMV area.

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