Madylin Nixon-Taplet is a graduate of the University of North Carolina with degrees in African American and Diaspora Studies, English Literary Studies, and Spanish Language for the Professions. As a native of New Orleans, Louisiana and the daughter of a multitalented musician and photographer, Madylin has had an aspiration and love for the arts since she was young, though she initially started her career path as a pre-veterinary student. In the summer of her senior year at UNC, after having attended a Self Care Exhibit at the Duke University Center for Documentary Studies (hosted by members of The Beautiful Project), she was inspired to finally pursue her artistic passions, and has since dedicated her professional efforts towards photography, writing and social activism. As a post-graduate in 2015, she interned with The Beautiful Project, and has been developing her aesthetic talents and associations since her onboarding. During her time with the cohort, she gained experience in photographic art working as an event photographer in cultural spaces such as Black August in the Park and Black Genius Fest. She has practice in studio photography and has since ventured into freelance photography and editing with the hopes of establishing a sole-proprietorship in this specialty. This past year, she also completed continuing education programs at Durham Technical College to become proficient with popular editing platforms such as Photoshop and Lightroom Creative Cloud. She continues her work as a visual activist for the Beautiful Project through photo-editing and project management. In the coming years, Madylin hopes to progress her involvement with art collectives – such as The Beautiful Project – especially as it involves work being done to sponsor education around and opportunities in photography and art within black communities.