Aeran N. Baskin developed a love for words at a young age from her mother’s spontaneous storytelling about warrior princesses, crafty assassins, and misunderstood dragons. Aeran channeled this legacy of storytelling into an affection for building worlds through poetry, short stories, and creative non-fiction. She deeply believes that writing is a spiritual baptism that provides the writer and reader with an opportunity to commune with God. Through the word, Aeran has dedicated herself to tell the stories of and advocate with Black women, girls, and families.

Her passion for advocacy and storytelling has professionally taken her into the child welfare, K-12, and higher education sectors. As a lawyer, she partnered with parents, foster parents, and grandparent caregivers in Detroit, Michigan. She later galvanized the philanthropic community through storytelling as the head of development for a leading education incubator and designed programming with young women impacted by the foster care system. 

Currently, Aeran strives to create reflective and restorative spaces that will ensure that women and girls of color have the experiences, community, and resources that will propel them into purpose and position them to become leaders and advocates within their own communities. Aeran earned a BA in economics from Howard University, a Juris Doctor from the University of Michigan Law School, and a Doctorate of Education Leadership from Harvard University.