Celebrating Pamela Thompson

February 4, 2020

Our sister-sojourner and space making beloved is leaving her staff role at The Beautiful Project to deeply pursue her dreams. We celebrate and honor the contributions of our wordsmith, Pamela Thompson. Read her reflection in today’s blog post:

“When I wrote the Sisterhood Creed, present with me throughout the process was a nagging inner critic that tried to keep me from writing it by convincing me it was too idealistic, no one would believe it, women would scoff at it, roll their eyes and carry on relating to each other however they had grown accustomed. I knew that writing the Creed according to its tenets was presenting an opportunity for women to take a risk on each other and to take a risk on themselves. In presenting these ideas, I was taking a personal risk, being vulnerable to share what my heart felt we could achieve if we pushed forward a different perspective for Black women, on how to relate to one another. Throughout my work at TBP, I’ve carried the idea of kindred vs. alien, purporting that we are more alike than we may present and there, on those common grounds, we should build together, celebrating the depth our differences provide instead of allowing those differences to clique us, or worse, silo us. Now that the creed is written and living in the world, in the hearts of girls and women, affecting our lives and impacting our relationships, I’m so glad that I didn’t allow my inner critic to rule. Things would have been so different.

In this present space of transition I’m in, I am experiencing movement of the same cycle. I am on the precipice of awakening to new realities, walking into plans laid out for me since before my birth and my inner critic is on the front row heckling, beckoning me to stay where I am, and threatening failure & shame if I dare to defy her. She wants me to keep to the comfort and safety I have cultivated for myself and forsake the courage and audacity it takes to pursue and lay claim to the life I want. I know so many women have been here, are here or are headed here. So, taking in hand my best option and giving ear to the louder voices in my head shouting epithets of love and moxie, I’m writing to share with you that I’m transitioning out of my staff role at The Beautiful Project.

This new journey will include deepening my presence and attentiveness to my four daughters. I have chosen as part of my parenting to homeschool my children. It is a great adventure, one where I am learning as I go. I believe that, in this moment of their lives and development, I need to focus in more as they continue to evolve into women who will contribute to the transformation needed in the world. You can also expect to see me consult with organizations in the field to support Black women and girls, as well as continue to grow as a creative making products for my product line, Peiea Grace and, finally, publishing the works I’ve been writing for years.

Boyz II Men got it right, it’s so hard to say goodbye. That’s why I’m not saying it. I have chosen to be part of the Beautiful Community and am looking forward to staying connected as an image maker for The Beautiful Project there.

So, here’s to 2020! May you link arms with me and walk bravely into the wonder, challenge and growth that undoubtedly awaits all of us. ”

pamela t.

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