Ever Heard of Felita Harris?

StyleBlazer has a video series on YouTube called How I Made It. It features women of color who are making things happen in the fashion and beauty industry around the world. The series has been out for some time now, so it’s likely that many of you have probably already checked it out. Still, the content and excellence of the film series as well as the invaluable advice shared in the stories of the women before the camera, is timeless. This is how I met Felita Harris, the Senior Vice President of Global Sales at Donna Karan. Yep. If you don’t already, get to know her. And pop over to Style Blazer later for all that’s hot and happening in fashion and beauty!




Photo and Video Credit: Style Blazer Channel on YouTube

It’s January and although the stores are dressing mannequins in spring fashions, temperatures continue to dip below the 30’s where I live.  The cool thing about this is that if you can hit the racks now, you may be able to grab some chic pieces for a fraction of the cost as many winter finds are now on sale!  So, help us out.  In  the comments below, list a winter garment you recently bought for a great price or dish on who’s having an amazing sale on winter pieces!




Photo Credit:  Pinterest