When it Gets Touchy

We believe that Black women are an exhibit.  We do.  But mostly the fine-art-lean-in-close-but-don’t-touch-learn-here-walk-away-different-because-of-your-experience-here kind of exhibit.  And may I re-emphasize the “don’t touch” part?  But there are some women who invite the hands-on approach.  They find it makes for a richer experience; quells curiosity, answers questions long left mysterious.  Un’ruly.com has posted a very interesting short film negotiating this very idea.  Check out this YouTube video, part one of two, where Black women make their hair an exhibit in a very personal way.  While you’re at it, please take a moment to click the pages of their very interesting, very striking website.  Tell us what you think.  Can people lay hands to learn more about you?  Tweet it @thebeautifulprj, leave a comment or head over to FaceBook  and share what you think!




Video Credit:  Video from YouTube Hairunruled Channel