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CALL TO BLACK WOMEN: #dearblackgirl

September 10, 2015

The Beautiful Project believes that the most meaningful words a black girl needs to hear are not those that the world says about us, but what we have to say to each other. #dearblackgirl engages the real life experiences of black girls and women, as well as their imagination of who the black girl is, has been, can and will be.

Today, we invite black women ages 18 and up to submit letters that will be used to generate meaningful conversations between black women and girls through social media, national exhibits and local programming. We hope to engage black girls and women in sharing their memories, experiences, testimonies, dreams, and commentary on what black girlhood means. We can’t wait to hear your voice.

What could happen in this world if it were full of confident, talented, brilliant, bold Black girls who were positioned and prepared to make an impact? Too often, Black girls encounter environments and relationships that are blemished by criticism, hatred, and disrespect that create insecurities, produce thick walls of isolation, shift their personalities and rearrange their perception of their own potential.

But, what could happen if they knew that they were loved and supported by a myriad of dedicated, strong, determined women who have walked their walk and are willing to share the lessons they’ve learned from their own story?

They need us in the offense and the defense, in peace and chaos, in school and at home, at church and at the hair salon, when they’re dancing and when they’re crying. They need to know that we are here and ready to war on their behalf. When they know that they are loved and completely accepted they will feel safe to embrace their journey through life.

Our girls need to hear your voice. We want to send a reverberating sound throughout the planet that our girls can hear and feel. A song passionately sang with heads thrown back, long necks exposed, mouths open wide as grace and truth sweetly lilt out and wrap love around their tender hearts and developing minds. After all, she is but a reminder of the girl we once were.

We have walked in her shoes and our journeys have taught us much. Give her the tools to discover who she is and, in so doing, set her free to unapologetically be herself in a world that needs her so badly. Join the movement. Write her a letter.


Directions are simple. Submit a letter beginning with the phrase “Dear Black Girl” to by Tuesday, September 29@midnight.

Include your:
1) Name
2) Favorite photograph of yourself
3) Occupation
4) Hometown
5) Age

DBG Submissions will be featured on our blog beginning Tuesday, October 13, 2015.

*Please note The Beautiful Project reserves the right to use, publish and republish entries for research, artistic and programmatic work, without payment.

28 thoughts on “CALL TO BLACK WOMEN: #dearblackgirl

  1. What about 17-year-olds? I’m sure some students at my school would be interested in this project. And what a wonderful idea it is!

    1. Hi Nila! That is a GREAT question. We actually have something up our sleeve for students 17 and younger. Would love to learn more about you and your students. Look out for an email from us checking in with you this month!

    1. Hi Bridgette,
      What a lovely but new question! Feel free to submit two letters. We may only select one to post on our blog because of the abundance of letters. But we would love to receive the full force of what you would like to share.

    1. Hi Zenique,

      Happy to report we have extended the deadline 1 week. #dearblackgirl letters are due by Wednesday, October 7@midnight! Our thanks to you!

    1. Hi Shania, great question. While this phase is just for 18+We have another phase of #dearblackgirl that we would love for you to participate in. Look to hear from our team this month with details!

  2. This is awesome! I am holding back tears of joy.

    Beyond my participation writing a “Dear Black Girl” letter. What support services may I volunteer my assistance?

    1. LH Carter, thank-you for this kind message! So grateful for your voice.

      We have been rallying folks like yourself to join us in the “making” of images and text so that when we put out the call for more we can move as one. We will add you to our list serve and definitely keep you posted as opportunities arise for us to work together.

  3. Just submitted my letter for #dearblackgirl. I just must say it was so therapeutic for me to write that letter. I felt myself being encouraged as I was trying to encourage. I felt my own doubts about myself and my own capabilities being lifted. This is a great project and I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to participate.Our girls need this and our women do as well! Thank You!

    1. Hi Faith! Thanks so much for reaching out. Though this phase is for 18+ there is another phase we would love for you to participate in. Look to hear from us via email this month! Grateful for your voice.

    1. YES Ali! This call is for Black women around the world. Feel free to spread widely. We look forward to your #dearblackgirl letter!

  4. Thank you for the extension!!! I just found out about this this morning from Glenis. Will be sharing today with Charlotte sisters and will be submitting my letter this evening. So glad you are doing this!!! Love and Light!

  5. I just saw my daughter share your project on Facebook but, looks like I missed the 29 Sep deadline.
    Great project!

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