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A Dose of Wellness Resources For You

We hope this list of resources can help ease the various levels of mental and emotional stress that we are all encountering during this difficult season.

Pen, Lens & Soul: The Beautiful Project’s Exhibition at The Met

Our hearts are still full after reliving the opening of our first large-scale New York exhibition, Pen, Lens & Soul:…

Rhythms of Rest

For everything, there is a time and a season. And now, it is time to rest.

Training Girls in Care & Justice

We explored a set of questions with our girls this spring: What does power look like in our lives? What does it mean for Black girls to hold power? How can Black girls disrupt power dynamics that negatively impact them?

Affirming Black Women and Girls through Space-Making in the Home

Some of my favorite sites to browse are interior design blogs, especially in their DIY section. Within Beautiful, we have…

Love and Valor Personified

Allison Brown has this way of making the room go still, locking eyes with you so that you can hear…

We Present…The Third Issue of The Beautiful Project Journal

Today marks the release of the third issue of The Beautiful Project Journal, a biannual publication that gives insight on the inner workings of our collective of Black girls and women.

Choosing Simplicity

Some of us are so used to overextending ourselves, living stretched thin, or functioning at heightened anxiety, that we can’t even conceive of the freedom that living beneath our means and creating margin in our lives could bring. ~A.Kurian

Tips on Cultivating Wellness from Mother and Daughter Duo

Most of us already know about the importance of eating right, getting enough sleep and regular exercise. Listed below are five additional stress management tips to help you achieve more balance in your everyday life.