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Black Girl Wellness Round-Up

June 19, 2018

The internet is rich with wellness affirming resources for Black women and girls. Below we curated some of our favorite online spaces for resources, inspiration and advice relating to wellness and lifestyle. Check them out and let us know where you go for wellness resources!


Therapy for Black Girls
IG: @therapyforblackgirls
Dr. Joy Harden Bradford is a psychologist out of Atlanta who runs this phenomenal online space to encourage Black women and girls’ mental wellness.  In addition to hosting a podcast and weekly online chats exploring various mental health topics, she provides awesome tools for finding your own therapist!


Blackgirl ln Om
IG: @blackgirlinom
Black Girl in Om is holistic wellness platform for women of color focused on sharing wellness practices and affirming self-love, self-care and self-empowerment. Besides following them on Instagram and listening to their podcast, I highly recommend visiting their website and basking in the beautiful and inspirational images of Black women experiencing wellness.





Dear Black Women
IG: @dearblackwomen
This affirmation movement was begun by Florence Neal who wanted to create safe spaces for Black women by Black women. Visit the website to learn about upcoming events, read the affirmations of the week, listen to the podcast or even share your own affirmation!


Alexandra Elle
IG: @alex_elle
We love us some Alex Elle! From her insightful “hey, girl” podcast focused on sisterhood and storytelling, to the vulnerability she shares on her Instagram account as she navigates entrepreneurship, motherhood, relationships and self, this writer teaches us how to love ourselves more.  




Gettin’ Grown
IG: @gettingrownpod
Gettin’ Grown is a podcast hosted by two 30-something year old Black women who are figuring out adult life. Their conversations engage a range of topics including financial, relational, and emotional wellness.  





Food Heaven Show
IG: @foodheavenshow
These dieticians provide advice, ideas, recipes and resources for pursuing nutritious and delicious living. In addition to their website and Instagram account, their podcasts explores a variety of wellness related topics. Y’all, nutritious living never looked so good!





Living Over Existing
IG: @livingoverexisting
This resource offers excellent advice for Black women entrepreneurs. Listen to their podcast or visit their site for strategies for taking care of self and business!





Black Minimalists
IG: blkminimalists
For those of us interested in cultivating wellness in our lives through simplicity and intentional community, Black Minimalists is a great resource. Check out their monthly podcasts for discussions on being black and living a minimalist lifestyle.




Written for TBP by Erin M. Stephens
Cover image courtesy by CreateHer Stock

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