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Black Bean Burgers

August 14, 2014

Looking for a healthy alternative to the traditional summer grilled burger? Some of you are thinking, heck nah! Well, just try this black bean burger recipe and it might change your life! Wendy and Jess of Food Heaven Show (YouTube) are fun, gorgeous, colorful and most of all, they know their ish. Their site and YouTube channel offer recipes that are mostly simple, and always healthy and flavorful. Wait, did I mention that the recipes are affordable?! They also give information on nutrition for life with informational vids and articles such as how to cure PMS with food, and healthy foods that help to prevent cancer. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching their videos and every recipe that I have tried has come out tasting so wonderful. This black bean burger recipe is one of them.

Hey now, we’ve got to adopt some healthier lifestyle choices. Black women have some of the leading numbers for high blood pressure, diabetes, and high cholesterol. A little butter, sugar and salt is good some of the time but we have to fill up our fridges and bellies with foods that will improve and sustain optimal health for life. Our food should support our goals, not slow us down and cause us to take a time out to get right. And remember, beauty is an inner work. Take care to feed your body good things as well as your mind, spirit and soul. Trust, you consistently take in beauty and it’ll radiate forth from you organically. We just have to make a start. Take a look at their site and try something out!


Photo Credit: Food Heaven Made Easy

Video Credit: Food Heaven Show

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