What We Believe

Our organization partners with families, institutions and organizations to boldly and unapologetically create images of Black girls and women just as they are, daring them and the world that engages them to see the many, varied ways every Black girl is indeed, beautiful.


Our mission is to build voice and power for Black women and girls to contribute to conversations that too often happen about them, without them.

Theory Of Change

Through photography, writing, and care, we collectively build and utilize our voice and power to advance the representational justice and wellness of Black women and girls.

Core Values


Family is an organic embodiment of agency and loyalty. Family is the people group who receive our fullest devotion and the fiercest portion of our love, attention and affection. We respectfully regard them as the people in our lives who we pour into and those who fill our cups, enabling us to pour into the world we engage daily.


We strive to make our dreams come true understanding that through the work it takes to fulfill our purpose and actively pursue the things that drive us, we permit and position others to do the same. As we determine to accomplish our goals, we align our lives accordingly so that everything cooperates with the forward movement necessary for development and achievement.


A heavy concentration of any one aspect of life leaves room for an ample supply of undeveloped people, ideas and situations. Therefore we strive to situate ourselves so that our lives are organized and prepared for forward motion, but also so that there is fluidity and grace permitting us to take things as they come.


Understanding that the sum total of our experiences have played a great role in shaping who we are today, we embrace each aspect of life as we know it and delve into an exploration of the past, present and future components influencing how we portray ourselves and how we perceive others.


There is great merit in living life with a governing system that influences our thoughts and actions intrinsically, developing our moral sense and instructing the way we live our lives and engage other people. While we do not insist that others devote themselves to any one view of spirituality, we thoughtfully respect the benefits of the presence of a belief system.


We honor our mind, body and soul by prioritizing the health and wholeness of our entire being. We require care and we understand that it must begin within ourselves. Therefore, we intentionally live each day aimed toward a clear, unencumbered mind and a properly and rightly functioning body which, together, inform the movement and heartbeat of our soul. We are committed to self evaluation as an accountability to keep our wellness front and center as we move throughout the world.