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Anika’s Story

July 7, 2016

The Sisterhood Storytelling Series is live on our site right now. As part of this campaign we will be featuring or highlighting stories from the exhibit. Today, we are excited to share Anika’s story.

Anika is a thirteen year old student at the Central Park School for Children. Here, she shares a charming story about how she has experienced the Sisterhood of Joy with her dear friend, Genevieve. Anika’s story reminds us that girls and women of all ages have experienced the sisterhood that is true and organic in the culture created by Black women. To hear more stories, check us out on The Sisterhood Storytelling Series page in the gallery!

My name is Anika Hall. One of my really good friends is Genevieve.

I have known her since we were two years old. We used to spend most days together either at her house or mine playing dress up or having tea parties. We would make forts that took up the whole living room.

No one could tell us we were not the best of friends.

After first grade we went to different schools and we didn’t see each other as much. However, we continued to go to the beach together every summer and we make Christmas cookies every year together. When we see each other it feels like only a few hours have gone by since the last time we hung out. We still laugh like we were two again.

Growing up is not easy and at times it is kind of scary, but it’s a lot easier when you have someone who has your back and doesn’t forget you.

Now that we have cell phones we talk and text everyday about almost everything. I hope our friendship lasts for a long time.


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Photo Credit: Jamaica Gilmer for The Beautiful Project

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