For the Girls

A Sisterhood of Image Makers

July 28, 2015

“Sisterhood is more than just you and me. It is what us ‘women’ stand for and who we are. It’s the loyalty, respect, and love that we have for one another.”  -Yasmon, Fairmont, NC Image Maker

In Fairmont, North Carolina girls are rising up. We had the privilege of creating with just a few who are rallying to impact the narrative that is shaping how the world frames them. What does it mean to be an image maker? With your pen? With your camera? How do the words you write and the images you capture impact the story you are trying to tell? With the students of South Robeson High School and Fairmont High School we explored their definitions of sisterhood and image making, considering how the two can powerfully combine.

Our time in Fairmont culminated with a digital exhibit and dialogue at The Stage, Fairmont’s own community playhouse where such a dialogue is welcomed and celebrated. Pamela Thompson, Co-director of the Beautiful Project and Artistic Director of The Stage brought to life how we can position ourselves in sisterhood through a truthful but supportive paradigm. What a time we had with this lovely group of young women. We cannot wait to return to spend more time with this crew!


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