Everyday Icon

A Day in the Life . . .

January 9, 2014

There are icons living among us:  the single mom working full time and taking care of her family,  the entrepreneur defying the odds, refusing to accept “no” as the final answer, the college student getting closer to her dreams one credit hour at a time,  the woman  living her version of a  fairytale whilst daring to reach back to awaken and inspire the daydreamers,  the girl  in process who has no clue about her next steps yet remains hopeful . . .

We are curious about her journey.  We learn from the testimony of her life.  We know that her story is powerful.  In these posts specifically, we hold up the mirror so that she can see her reflection more clearly and then we project that image out to the world as we clamor to celebrate her, a giant among us.

Do you know of any such women?  Shout her out in the comments below in preparation for the first interview in the series!


Photo Credit:  Jamaica Gilmer for The Beautiful Project