Arielle Jean-Pierre is a doctoral candidate in Clinical Psychology at Columbia University with a heart for black girls and women. She aims to contribute to the movement of carving out safe spaces for black women by lack women in every realm of the human experience, but particularly with regard to the pursuit of knowledge. With recognition that everyone has their own, often difficult relationship with education, Arielle aims to assist black youth in redefining their relationships to the pursuit of knowledge. With a background in psychotherapy, neuropsychological assessment and executive functions tutoring, Arielle has developed a specialization in delineating the nuanced learning profiles of children, particularly those diagnosed with learning disorders and attention-deficit-hyperactivity disorder. She has effectively coupled this knowledge with an extensive repertoire of organizational and learning strategies to develop individualized tutoring plans, which capitalize on the strengths of the child and target those areas needing improvement. Bearing in mind that the origins of academic difficulties are not purely neurological or behavioral, Arielle takes a comprehensive approach to understanding the problem(s) with which a child presents, maintaining an awareness of potential underlying emotional or stress-related factors confounding a child’s performance and behavior. Above all, Arielle approaches her work with a posture of love and empathy, the tools she considers the true mechanisms of change.